India Stock Market Benchmark Indices performance


BseSensex BseMidCapIndex BseSmallCapIndex BseSensex BseMidCapIndex BseSmallCapIndex

#IndiaStockMarket BenchmarkIndices #BseSensex #BseMidCapIndex #BseSmallCapIndex performance 14th February 2014 all closing in green

IndiaStockMarket Index IndiaStockMarket Index

#IndiaStockMarket BenchmarkIndices #BseSensex #BseMidCapIndex #BseSmallCapIndex performance 13th February 2014

#IndiaFinancialMarketUpdate #IndiaEquityMarket

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Investment strategy of the SmallTrades ETF Portfolio

Small Trades Journal

An index ETF is designed to capture the investment returns from a financial market.  The SmallTrades ETF Portfolio (“Portfolio”) uses index ETFs to invest in several financial markets.  The goal of the Portfolio is to earn returns at a faster rate than possible by investing in risk-free bonds or the broad market of U.S. stocks, thereby ensuring that the accumulation of returns outpaces the inflation of prices in the American economy.  Success is measured by the following benchmark indices:

Investment strategy

The Portfolio is a high-risk, high-return investment in ETFs that duplicate well-established market indices for global stocks, U.S. bonds, U.S. real estate investment trusts, and gold bullion.  Twenty five percent…

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South Africa Central Bank raises Interest rates 50 bps in the last week of January


29th January 2014

South Africa’s central bank raised its benchmark repurchase rate by 50 basis points to 5.50 percent, surprising economists who had expected rates to remain stable, and said further moves would depend on economic data but the bank would “not hesitate to act” to keep inflation under control.
   Despite the rate rise, Gill Marcus, governor of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), said she  still viewed the current monetary policy stance as accommodative and the depreciation of the South African rand currency so far could improve the country’s international competitiveness, provided that it is not eroded through higher wages and other costs.
    South Africa’s rand has already been hard hit by the U.S. Federal Reserve’s withdrawal of quantitative easing and if sustained, further depreciation “will raise significantly the risk to the inflation outlook,” despite the lack of domestic demand pressures, Marcus said in a statement.

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India Sector or Industry related Index performance


India Sector or Industry related Index performance

11 Sectors or Industries out of 12 closed positive except Healthcare on Trading Day 14 th February 2014 on BSE

All sector were in green between 0.15 to 1.4 % led by IT Information Technology Industry , Teck , Oil Gas while Healthcare closed red 0.1%

All these 12 Sectors cum Industry Indices are listed at #BSE .The Stock Exchange, Mumbai, India …..

#IndiaSectorPerformance #IndiaStockMarketupdate #IndiaFinancialMarket #IndiaEquities

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